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You will break, but Oh you will heal!

Do you ever just want to stop breaking? To just be so aligned with yourself and who you are that you don’t have room for hurting? Well that isn’t apart of your journey. Your journey is both heart break and happiness, wholeness and broken ness, good and bad, thick and thin, wrong and right. Could you even imagine a world without bad? Without wrongs? Without mistakes? Without hardships? It’s inevitable. In order to truly understand what happiness, wholeness, good, right is we need to have the opposite. How would we ever truly understand what that means then? How would we know what any of those words mean? We wouldn’t. We wouldn’t be able to grow from our mistakes, we wouldn’t be able to evolve, to really be happy knowing what it’s like not to be. We NEED the hardships. The nights we cry. The aches we feel. To really appreciate the good. To differ it from the bad. But most of the time we move past our hardships but yet they are still embedded in us. Therefore we bring them with us along on our journey. It then has an impact on us, who we are, what we do, how we do it. This is why we need to clean up those blocks forever, so that we can move along the way we are meant to! This is where I come in. Let me help you, help yourself continue on your path the way it’s meant to!

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