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To all the ones out there who feel alone, who feel like no one can hear them, see them, feel them, understand them, YOU ARE MEANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD. You feel all of these emotions and feelings because you’re actually meant to change this world. You don’t fit in because you are here to show the world how to stand out! You struggle throughout your childhood, with addictions, depression, unworthiness, feeling in complete, broken.


You do this because you are so different! Not realizing that you are suppose to stand out!!! To work your power, your uniqueness! It’s YOU that the WORLD NEEDS and the WORLD WANTS. You are meant for sooo much more in this world! To pave the road for others and for greatness! You struggle, so that others don’t have to.


I feel tears coming to my eyes as I write this because I was once this person and everything I say is coming from deep within my core. I do what I do now, so that people don’t have to suffer like I did, or like you are. Pain is good but only so much of it.



Stay Fighting and I promise I will be right there fighting with you!

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