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Often times we get confused, scared, weak, lost, thinking that we have no control over the outcomes of our circumstances, our realities, our problems. The truth is we actually do. We have control over our thoughts, no matter how little or how big they are. We have control over the way our thoughts make us feel. If we really focus on the thought, we can realize that the thought were having is actually from the past.

We are not looking at this thought from a present perspective which actually makes the thought not real. It has absolutely no truth in it.


But some times we think our thoughts are so powerful and so this makes us just give up on trying so hard to resist it. But that’s where the true healing comes from. That’s where the power of the mind grows. Thats the way out. Surrendering to our thoughts. Allowing them room to leave.


To acknowledge our thoughts, and allow them to flow right by us is the answer to controlling our thoughts. We don’t need to control our thoughts. Our thoughts are not real, and there for all we have to do is acknowledge them and allow them to leave. Do not resist your thoughts. Thank them, send them love. We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are actually not even us. It’s an ego outside of us.


Next time you have any thoughts, bad or good, pretend you are watching a movie screen and your thoughts are on the screen. View them, thank them, let them go. Watch your thoughts, for they are not apart of you.


Remember this;

change your thoughts. Change your life.

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