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The view.⠀


As I approach the ledge of this amazing view, my first instinct is fear based. Why am I so scared? Why am I instantly drawn to fear? Why am I not actually seeing and taking in all the beauty and limitless possibilities in the scenery that is being given to me? The truth is, we’ve grown up in such a fear based environment. So our reality has grown into a fear based reality. We are so programmed to fight or flight that we don’t actually enjoy or see the real beauty ahead. ⠀


Today I sat with this, while looking over and observed my thoughts. I asked myself, why am I so scared? Is it the fear of the unknown? The answer was YES. We’ve been taught that going in blind sided is the wrong way of doing things. This is why most of us never MOVE. We get in our own way and we stay in toxic enviornments and relationships because of this. Well today, the UNIVERSE told me to MOVE. MOVE because I’m too COMFORTABLE. See, when we don’t MOVE and we’re wanted to so badly, by OUR HIGHER SELVES or GOD, they’ll MOVE for us. It’s in these unsettling times that the true nature of who we are lies. We can only evolve if we let go of that FEAR. So ask yourself, why am I allowing the external world affect my internal world?


Today, I encourage you to do something outside of your comfort zone. Anything so little; or so big. Whatever your heart desires. BUT if you find that there is a BLOCK then let ME HELP YOU REMOVE IT so that you can SORE AS FREE AS YOU WERE BORN TO! These limiting fears and beliefs DO NOT have CONTROL of your anymore, and so TOGETHER we will make that YOUR REALITY. Let me help you, help you. xo

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