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What is gratitude?

Gratitude is when you give thanks for all that you have. For the times when you are struggling, but you're thankful for the strength that you have attained. For the times when you're day is going wrong but you're still thankful for actually having that day. For the times when you're stuck with finances, but you're thankful for all the money you've been given your whole life.


Gratitude is what sets our lives up for SUCCESS or FAILURE. When you look at the poor, who keep getting poorer it isn't because of luck , it is because they LACK GRATITUDE. But when you see the rich get richer, it is because they are GRATEFUL for everything, so more keeps coming. The UNIVERSAL LAW is GRATITUDE. The more grateful you are for what you have the more it comes back to you. The more ungrateful you are the more horrible things keep happening. You see, life is so easy. If only people would realize that a simple THANK YOU for the things you have, even in the worst situations actually changes everything. To be truly grateful is to see the positive and have THANKS in the worst situations.


THANK YOU, is the magic word is this life. SAY IT, FEEL IT, BELIEVE IT. I guarantee that once you start changing the perspective of a situation, by finding the positive and saying THANK YOU, your whole will change dramatically. I challenge you to go to bed every night and thank one amazing thing that happened in your day. This actually programs your mind to wake up feeling positive , already setting yourself up for success. In the morning, I challenge you to write 10 things that you are grateful for. Truly feel it, in your heart. in your soul. There are so many things to be grateful for. Just breathing alone, is that in itself. Being able to open your eyes, seeing the sun blaring through your window, to hear the birds chirping, to walk out of bed on your own, to brush your teeth, wash your face, the list goes on. Make this a routine.


Make GRATITUDE be so apart of you that you don't even have to think or try, it just comes naturally like second nature. Your whole life is going to change drastically and you will manifest EVERYTHING and ANYTHING you desire. Lets heal together. xo

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