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What is forgiveness? Many people think forgiveness is just a word. They say it meaningless, repeatedly, and unconscious of what it actually means. Forgiveness is actually one of the many leading causes to most emotional and physical pains that exist inside your body and outside in your world. And don’t get me wrong oh I’ve been there, PLENTY of times. I’ve had such traumatic events happen in my life that I never thought I would be able to forgive, people I never thought I would be able to let go of; the pain they built up inside of me, the hurt, the betrayal, the despair. But as time went on I was able to figure out how to truly forgive so that I can be set free! But don’t get me wrong this also applies to forgiving yourself!


There are 4 steps to forgiveness, the PROPER way. The way to actual forgive, to claim your power back, to let go of the anger, and move past the pain.


The first step, is to acknowledge the anger. Do not be scared, do not judge yourself. Just let whatever emotions, no matter how strong or how little they are, come to the surface. Sit with them, understand them. These hidden emotions often drive us to live unconsciously, repeating painful experiences over and over.


The second step is to decide that you want to forgive! Decide for YOURSELF that it’s time to let that part of you go. Many of us don’t want to forgive because we have this thought that that makes the other person win. But actually the other person only wins if you continue to let what they’ve done affect you. It hurts you. It produces all kinds of stress chemicals that flood your body and make you sick, physically and emotionally. FORGIVENESS IS FOR YOU!


The third step is to Work on Forgiveness. To understand the other persons point of view. Take yourself outside the situation and ask, well how would you have handled that situation? If you were in their world, in their shoes, how would you react? It is always important to remember that the person who has done wrong to you, was most likely done wrong to them. And so this is the only way they know and they were a victim once to. It doesn’t make it right, but it makes it more understandable and easier to forgive.


Lastly the FOURTH step is to finally release yourself from the emotional prison. Take what happened to you as a lesson. What did you learn from this? What can you walk away with? Look at how much you’ve grown from this experience. Be a light for others, and show them the way!

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