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•Be in the Present •


I often tell my patients that depression lives in the past and anxiety lives in the future. When you’re too focused on the past, you develop guilt, regret, stress. You over analyze what was and what you can not change which builds up this immense fear and negativity inside of you.


When you are fixated on the future, you find yourself full of anxiety, worry, fear. You create thoughts of the unknown, of things that you cannot control and you become so nervous and unable to focus on the reality of which you’re actually living, the present moment.


The only place where you can actually be, and control in in the now. It’s in this present moment where peace lies. Where all of your worries are taken care of, your feelings are happy, your thoughts or joyful, your mind is at ease.


... So don’t forget,

“STOP and smell the roses!”


Your present moment is all you have, so be there and enjoy every second of it!

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