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A Rose


Imagine that the Rose that you see, is a reflection of you. When you pick up a Rose straight from the dirt, it has some leaves that need to be removed, cleaned, peeled off, so that that Rose can breathe again. If that Rose is not cleaned up, the whole Rose will eventually will and become dead.


The same goes for you and I, we need to attend to our layers, our pain, our emotions, our issues. We need to slowly peel them away one at a time, so that we may flourish and be the most beautiful healthy version of ourselves. When we don’t attend to our needs, we eventually get worse and worse until there is nothing left of us. The more we let our petals wilt, the harder it’ll be to save the Rose!

So remember, we all have layers. We are meant to have layers on layers of work to do. But what’s so very important is that we continually shed our layers, peel our damaged petals off, so that we can remain fresh and healthy, so that we may be the best versions of ourselves!

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