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Updated: Oct 7, 2020


Let’s understand corn from a totally different perspective.


Corn like anything else takes time to

Grow, to become ready, to fully ingest, for it to be ready for its purpose; a vegetable. BUT, if you choose to continue to let that corn sit a bit longer, not only will it not loose its value, it’ll become something bigger, something greater. It changes its purpose and becomes pop corn. The value is still present but the purpose changes.


So you see, when you’re getting impatient with results of your business, or yourself, or the things around you, thinking its taking to long maybe it’s not going anywhere, it’s actually making room for something else, something better. It doesn’t change the value, but it changes the purpose. So don’t judge and degrade the situation or the outcome you’re seeing. Give it more time, time to harvest, time to regain purpose and it all will work out for the best.


Let’s chat if you’ve been feeling this way and work our magic together! - xo

Vaughan, ON

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